Monday, January 28, 2013

Shy Birds

The osprey has sharp talons and a curved beak. We watch the osprey fly above the water and then make a spectacular dive straight into the water to grab a fish for the fledgling (baby) osprey. The osprey in the picture on the other page arrived on the branch around 5:00 at night and fished for about a half hour. In between the incredible dives, the osprey chirped loud and clear.

Fishing was not good that night, so the osprey moved further along the beach. Notice how light it was on the beach. Check to see how light it is in North Attleboro tonight at 5:00 p.m.

The osprey is noisy and doesn’t mind people. Here’s a picture of a very shy bird with a very different body and beak. This bird is so shy, we would have passed by on our canoe trip if the guide had not pointed her out.


Can you find her? She’s standing in the water.


Can you see her long pointed beak and her long legs for standing on the shore?

See you tomorrow! Mrs. G.

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