Tuesday at Manatee Park

manbaby2 manbaby

This little manatee pushed our kayak with his snout! He snorted and sprayed Mr. G.!


manatee up close mankay


What fun we had at Manatee Park!

Manatees are usually from 8 to 13 ft long. They can weigh up to 1300 lbs!
 Manatees never leave the water. They must surface to breathe air. A resting manatee can remain submerged for up to 15 minutes.  When manatees swimming they must  every three or four minutes.
Manatees love warm water. Although the water here is plenty warmer than the water in Massachusetts, it is still a little cool for the manatee. Manatee Park is located near a power plant that pushes warm water out into the Orange River. The manatee gather in this part of the river to enjoy the warmth! (Manatees have even been spotted at the Cape!)
Our friend Carl was the first kayak out into the river. As we watched him paddle, suddenly he let out a yell. A manatee swam under his boat and nearly capsized his kayak, splashing him with a flip of its huge tail.
We paddled up the river and spotted a herd (a group….they are also called sea cows because they are vegetarian) just lazing in the river. We were then amused for over an hour by the snorting and snuffling of these huge creatures as they surfaced for a breath.
One baby – the size of our kayak- swam next to our boat and tried to push it along! A very large manatee swam under our kayak as we were drifting. When he realized we were right above him, he bucked in the water and soaked us! We thought we would be swimming with the manatees for a moment.

Check out these links below for more info on manatees!

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