Plant Walk

I voted that the palm was a tree, BUT it is really a grass. A huge, tall, enormous grass! The trunk is actually a cluster of fibers, not a tree trunk like the maple or oak in your backyard. The root system is very shallow. The roots in our trees in New England travel underground for many feet to gather water and nourishment. The uprooted palm has a very short cluster of roots almost like an onion. it is very slow growing and spends almost 15 years growing a stalk underground before we see more than just palm fronds.

These photos are from our nature walk at Barefoot Beach.


Tim holds a handful of the matting in the palm branches. Not a very comfy pillow!


The strings from the leaves can be twisted together for thread. They are very strong.


The fronds are separated and then woven together for a roof, or even a hat. They provide shade and protection from the rain. The fronds are flexible so they will even last through wind storms and bad weather. Probably not snow! Stay warm and safe. If you build a snowfort, I’ll be working on a sand castle.


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