A new tree and The Best Ice Cream in Town

You will never guess the name of this tree! The tree has a double name. There are 2 clues……

The first word is a kind of stew served in New Orleans…..

The second is a dance for very flexible people…..


This tree has many low branches. The palm tree is on the left.

Here’s the tree….

Looks like most trees….right? (It really is a tree.) It has roots, leaves and a trunk. Look a little closer…


Check how the bark is peeling from the trunk! That is normal. The trunk is very smooth and green.

The wood is very light and easy to carve.

 Sometimes the tree is called the tourist tree. Just like some visitors to Florida who forget their sunscreen, the bark turns red and peels. (Ha! Ha! ) : )

The scientific name is Bursera simaruba, but the common name is ….ready?

Gumbo Limbo!


We found the best ice cream shop! Today we stopped by for a cone. I know, it’s not ice cream in Massachusetts, but hot chocolate!

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