Forecast: Snow Ahead

Last Tuesday we spent our last day at the Barefoot Beach Preserve, chatting with visitors about the shells and gopher tortoises. Today we huddled in our hoodies and watched the snowflakes intermix with the rain on the windshield. In the market this morning I joined the throngs of shoppers stocking up for the predicted snow storm. Everywhere hats, coats, and boots but not a smiling face to be found among them. And the person behind me in line wafted a distinct odor of Ben Gay.

I struck up a conversation with a pleasant looking shopper in the very long deli line, who actually parted with a smile and a laugh about how winter was returning with a vengeance. I never dared mentioned recently returning from a lovely stay in the Gulf, fearing I would be smeared with mustard and ketchup, rolled in generic brand cheerios, tossed in a cart and propelled abruptly into the parking lot by a band of very cranky New Englanders. It was just that dismal.

Monday I walked the Parklands, crunching through the ice and snow, sliding in the mud, wishing for the white sand and salty water. Next year you can bet we will rethink returning home in March!

All you lucky folks STILL at the for tortoises!

All you lucky folks STILL at the beach…watch for tortoises!

High tide....

High tide….




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3 thoughts on “Forecast: Snow Ahead

  1. How lucky to be able to enjoy both! We’ve had a glorious winter in Florida, but haven’t been able to make it north for snow!

  2. Hi, I’m part of the tech team at Two Writing Teachers. I may have missed where you corrected your comment on SOLSC, so this may not apply. But you need to put your unique URL: in the comment box, so others may find this particular post. Lucky you getting back in time for snow!

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