Jiminy Cricket?

Out of all the shoulders in the world.....

Out of all the shoulders in the world…..

Travelin' along....singing my song... side by side..

Travelin’ along….chirping my song… side by side..








I’m ignoring the 14 inches of snow on the deck and the plops of snow blowing off the pine trees….. choosing instead to focus on the intrepid grasshopper that chose to hitch a ride with our friend Carl as we walked the trail at Lovers’ Key State Park.

He flew from the brush onto Carl’s sleeve and hopped up to his shoulder for a better view. He perched there for several minutes, posing handsomely while I photographed him on his adventure. Just as suddenly, he flew off into a new patch of brush and continued on his way. If he whispered a few soft words of advice to Carl, Carl’s keeping it to himself!

Yep, the snow’s still there!



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2 thoughts on “Jiminy Cricket?

  1. Aw. Little Jiminy is awesome! I love how lil strangers like this can inspire such a different perspective for us. Carl’s pretty brave also. I don;t know if I would have maintained the zen-like composure. And btw.. We’ve got about 7 inches remaining over here.. but the warm winds hint at more possible encounters with Jiminy’s kin in the near future. 🙂

    • mag

      Maybe an athletic fly might buzz back to life in the basement….. But tt will be it for us for a bit!

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