Corned Beef and Cabbage Day


Yes, I know it’s not good for us, but we love it.

Dessert- Strawberry shortcake. Not a bit Irish, but a favorite!

Dessert- Strawberry shortcake. Not a bit Irish, but a favorite!

My mother loved dishes. She loved holiday plates, special occasion platters and special serving pieces for asparagus! Many of those lovely dishes have not survived, but I’m sure Some have wound up in someone’s pantry. I’ve parted with many of them. Who can store them all?

In March she would bring out the green glass dishes. When I was very little I loved  looking out at the world through the emerald green. They sparkled on the table. we will have our corned beef and cabbage today on our typical plates, but I still picture the table set for St. Patrick’s Day.

We have the carrots, the onions, the potatoes and the piece of beef. This morning I searched for the crock pot. We’ve just moved during the summer, redone the kitchen and returned from two months away, so things are still here and there. The crock pot is nowhere. Finally, I text both sons.

“Have you got the crockpot?”

“Yep!” Tim texts.”You gave it to me before you left. I forgot about it until I got your message.”

Now I remember. He and Lynne packed up a box of food goodies in the crockpot and took it home.  Obviously it didn’t get a lot of use!

So, the beef is simmering, awaiting the carrots and potatoes. The Irish bread is ready, too. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. Looking forward to catching up with our kids.

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6 thoughts on “Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

  1. I love corned beef and cabbage! My Irish roots are coming through this month.

  2. Many memories held in small things like dishes and food. Enjoy.

  3. Yum! Hope you have a day filled with family, fun, and making memories! Erin Go Bragh!

  4. Love corned beef! Enjoy your meal and savor those memories.

  5. Looking forward to your recipe. We have so many of my mother’s dishes and feel we can’t enjoy them…but the memories they bring make it difficult to part with them. So I am taking them to the cottage where she grew up and we are leaving most there for the whole family to enjoy. Jackie

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