Flying Low


Kudos to whoever photographed this swan. I couldn’t stop on 495!

On the highway I just happened to look up. This is what I saw. Ah, the tried and true haiku.

Across granite skies

two white swans stately sailing

silhouetted grace.

This morning I had a hair appointment in the town from which I retired. I stopped by school to see a new mom and say hello after our prolonged excursion south. How wonderful to see all those smiles and happy faces. How fantastic to see how the school is humming along. How I miss working with some of these dedicated professionals.

However, I did NOT miss the 6 buckets in the office and the hall to catch the drips from the leaky roof, and I did NOT miss working with the same special sweetie that appeared in the office with a big frown, sad eyes and a hangdog look. The student had taken a little waltz around the school before he arrived. I left for my hair cut with EVERYone in good hands. I’m sure my replacement will be making all the right choices when she has her little ‘chat’.

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One thought on “Flying Low

  1. Tam

    Enjoyed your haiku. I loved teaching this form to students. I borrowed my flower shot from Google images. Many times I do my own shots, but when I can’t find the right one–it’s Google.

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