Listen or Read?

I just want a book!

I just want a book!


Before I retired I drove 1/2 hour commute each way. I regularly enjoyed audio books from the library. That’s the only way I could conquer Memoirs of a Geisha, or The World is Flat.

I kept falling asleep with the Flat World in text. Couldn’t get past more than a page without a snore. Fortunately I stayed awake while driving.



The supply of audio books is somewhat limited, though. I met Jack Reacher, and a few other MCs I would not have chosen from a book shelf. Sometimes I am so into a book I’ll use both. I’ll listen while driving and then rush home to find where I left off when I parked! No, I’ve never tried to read and listen while driving!

I’m attached to Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I’ve practiced this balancing act with their books before. But with their latest I find myself frustrated! I only have half the commute! Mr. G thinks I’m rude if I plug in my audio book during dinner, or while we’re watching tv. The book isn’t available at the library, neither hard copy, nor electronically. I’m frustrated when I want to whip open the book and find out what the outrageous Pendergast pulls off next, and I can’t. (This must be what my parents loved about cliffhangers and the radio before the advent of TV.)

I may just end up with the audio tucked under my pillow so I can listen and only pretend I am asleep. I won’t need a flashlight!

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4 thoughts on “Listen or Read?

  1. I just can’t listen to a book on tape. I need to be reading but it’s a great way to keep a commute reasonable for you 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. I love listening to audiobooks while I’m working in the kitchen or putting laundry away. It’s really the only way I get to adult fiction these days!

  3. I find that when I start an audio book, I like to finish it that way. I don’t switch between text and audio.

    • mag

      There are some readers that enthrall me. I still remember being blown away by the narrator of Book Thief.

      Mary Alice Gruppi

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