Bless the Students and the Teachers

The gunman entered the high school. He began shooting in the front lobby and continued down the hallways. His face was hidden under his hoodie as he purposefully strode down the hallway, rattling the doors as he passed.
Teachers and students raced to push file cabinets against doors. In some classrooms students crouched behind desks. Teachers urgently herded groups out the cafeteria doors as the gunshots echoed in the hallway.
This scenario unfolded on the local news tonight. Our school system held a lockdown drill in conjunction with the police, using a real life situation. The hooded gunman was a police officer shooting blanks. Students and teachers were part of the drill, but the footage was eerily realistic and absolutely frightening.
One of my very worst fears, deep in the pit of my stomach, was the fear that we are so vulnerable in school, despite the attempts at security. Even though I’m no longer responsible for students and staff, the thought still chills me.
I know that elementary schools would probably not involve students in such a drill, but even a staff drill would leave me sleepless for nights, I’m sure.
Please, by all that’s good, may we be safe from school violence. All,of us.

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6 thoughts on “Bless the Students and the Teachers

  1. It just makes me sick that we have to practice protecting students like this. What has happened to the sanity of the world? It is so sad that there are so many situations that are unsafe for kids today. I wonder where it will end.

  2. macrush53

    Ugh. We had to do a table top discussion at a staff mtg. with several teachers “hit”. I hated it, made me ill. May we be safe at school for sure.

  3. Married to a cop…he tries to protect us from these scenarios. I wonder if some standardized testing money could be used for more secure entry ways, someone to check backpacks, etc. With billions going to testing companies and little or no $ left for staff, teaching materials, or safety, we need to ask our politicians what is really most important.

    • mag

      Grateful to him, and to you for being there for him. May he be safe, too.

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