No Whining

Well, just a little.

-I’m cold.

-More snow is predicted.

-I wish I were at Barefoot Beach.

I would like to be sticking my toes in this sand.

I would like to be sticking my toes in this sand.

-Why do I tease myself by keeping this blog site on my feed?

-I ate the last Florida honeybelle orange.

-What’s up with Panera? Today we tried to order on the automated devices, but it actually took longer than telling someone behind the counter and it wouldn’t accept my giftcard and I had to repeat it all to a sweet 17 year old anyway. And my baguette was stale, and my new baguette was fresher but small, and I think my salad was small too.  😦

BUT – I found some lovely pussy willows that I could reach without traipsing through too much swamp.

-Mr. G brought me some hydrangea for the table.

-My small salad WAS tasty.

– Just read through the new regs for ESE training for teacher evaluation and deleted the file.

Mr.G.  also bought and installed a pair of wireless headphones so he can listen to his favorite tv programs and I won’t know! No more SportsHub Live!


Life is Good.

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4 thoughts on “No Whining

  1. Life is good…so true. Glad your salad was tasty and hope tomorrow is better. We just ate our last Florida orange too! The pussy willows are bringing spring…hopefully soon. Jackie

  2. March is a perfect month for this marathon. The weather keeps us on our toes and gives us lots of write about.

  3. Too funny! Pamela at I Write I Paint wrote about whining today too. At least you got to eat lunch out today. I had a tuna sandwich at school.

    • mag

      How many bananas did I grab at 3:00. How quickly I forgot. I’ll count my blessings!

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