Ipad vs. Laptop

I love my Ipad for checking email, finding info quickly and, of course, for games. I have fought my addiction to WWF so I am only playing 3 games at a time, and only once or twice a day. I am hooked though, on Match up, a fascinating site where I can play three others at any time in a quick three round match. It’s crazy!

However, posting from my Ipad is challenging. I love my Ipad for so many things, but posting a blog is not one of them.

“COME on!” my husband looks up.

“Don’t freeze on me, cursor.” I threaten in  my best teacher voice.


He looks up again.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“Trying to get this stupid Ipad to post to my blog. Every time I fix something it freezes on me.”

He nods sympathetically.

“%$$#$%^,” I mutter. “Fine,” I exclaim. “I quit.”

Even after I’ve downloaded the ap, the miserable little Ipad continues to frustrate me. Beaten, I plop it down  and head for the clunky laptop.

There I can open the jpeg file, move the picture and change the text. There I can take heart that if this is the most annoying thing to happen to me today, I am indeed blessed.

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4 thoughts on “Ipad vs. Laptop

  1. So true and well said! I suppose we have some devices for certain things and some devices for others. 🙂

  2. Well, I read, compose and post from my ipad! Now that you mention it, is does have some flaws…but for me it has been true LOVE since it arrived on my doorstep many months ago. You know how love softens the bad and believes in the good! 🙂

    • mag

      Does yours ever freeze on the text when you’re typing?

      • Not that I have noticed but I am not a very fast typist so that might explain it. The ipad has some drawbacks( not being able to use Flash Player, for example) and it does sometimes freeze when I try to scroll up or down or get to a new page. It works for me because of it’s size and mobility. 🙂

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