Lovely Place for a Walk

Occasionally someone asks, “Picture your favorite place.” Although I love the quiet of the beach and the power of the sea, our little parklands comes to mind pretty quickly. We made the three mile walk today, through the small patches of mud and puddles, watching the pond ripple and the swans dive for lunch.

Mid hike we reach the stone bridge.

Mid hike we reach the stone bridge.

A little touch of color in the mud and snow.

A little touch of color in the mud and snow.


The path wanders along the edge of the pond up a little hill and down a gentle incline.

Once the weather warms, I drag my kayak through the grass and paddle down the length of the pond. Chick a dees call out along the way, and the ducks grumble as I move through the weeds.

For now, though, we walk the trail.

The hawk settles in the pine branches, her outline bulky against the clouds.

Off the track the drumming woodpecker sounds through the woods. I catch her winging through the trees, her red head catches the sunlight for just a flash.



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4 thoughts on “Lovely Place for a Walk

  1. How lovely a place it seems to take a walk now and explore by kayak later! I am writing this in the fresh air loveliness of my own backyard. 🙂

  2. Your choice of words is incredible. This is lovely.

  3. Isn’t it glorious to observe nature in all her states. Great words to accompany lovely photos!

  4. Love the images, both in words and photos. I want to go there!

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