Pussywillows and Forsythia – two of my favorites


Tis the season for pussy willows. I have been known to pull a quick u-ey and park, jump out of the car and head for the trees. I have shamelessly opened the car door and stood wherever I could balance to grab a branches and yank. I slow to 65 on 495 and lust after laden trees.Just this afternoon my dear husband pulled into a parking lot while I leaped out of the car after a newly spied pussy willow bush. I’ve waded through puddles in pouring rain brandishing my clippers high.
Yes, the forsythia are fake. In our climate, pussy willows are a few weeks ahead of forsythia, but they compliment each other so well I must resort to Christmas Tree Shops or bring in branches to encourage them to blossom earlier than nature. My picture of the forsythia branches is rather dull, but I know that soon they will kiss my room with their lively yellow bits.
In my days of the dinosaurs the plethora (love that word!) of illustrated books did not exist. Indeed there was a dearth (ha! Another favorite!) of picture books with the exception of dear Dick and Jane and Spot.
There were, however, Golden Books. I first learned about the platypus in a Golden. I admired the courage of the mouses as he faced the gargantuan golden tawny lion with the thorn in his paw. And I loved the book about the pussy willows with tiny grey kittens on the branches. (I was only 4!)
Perhaps this is the start of my spring hunt for the puffy grey nubs. Wherever it arose, I am hooked. I love my pussy willows and forsythia and all that comes with them and spring.

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4 thoughts on “Pussywillows and Forsythia – two of my favorites

  1. A sweet story. There was adventure(the search for pussywillows), poetry(… kiss my room with their lively yellow bits) and nostalgia ( I, too lived in the days of dearth and not plethora). 🙂

  2. There can be no start to spring without the Forsythia bush just outside my apartment building going yellow… I’m waiting… Love yours

  3. Pussy willows are an enchanted plant. They have fascinated me from my very young days. A plant with fur, unimaginable, but true. There are none around where I live. I think they must be a colder weather plant. You crack my up with the vision of you brandishing clippers to capture that pussy willow.

  4. mrssurridge

    My mom brings home as many pussy willow as you do, and I’m assuming she gets them in much the same way. I love the look of them with the forsythia. (And I adore the word “plethora”.)

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