April Fools on Me

We have a small library in our town, but it is a lovely piece of history with a  great staff and a liveliy group of Friends. The Friends, like the PTO in school, bring programs to the town for adults and kids alike. To cover the costs of the programs and the  children’s summer activities we have a variety of fund raisers, but, like most libraries, we count on the Book Sale for a good portion of the budget.

Throughout the year we collect previously read books and sort through them. Sad and tired books go to Reading Tree or recycling. Other books are boxed and put out for our bi-annual book sales. This year we decided to have the Spring Sale a Bake Sale as well. As a good doobie I got the signs for the sale and changed the date yesterday. I buzzed around town and stuck six in the ground, fastened with those little plastic ties to sign posts at the intersections.

We had our meeting last night and I wondered why we didn’t jump immediately to the upcoming sale this weekend. I mentioned, finally, that I had put the signs around, and hesitated at the sudden silence. All eyes were on me, quizzically.

“This weekend ?” three members said as one.

I opened my calendar and pointed to this Saturday “BOOK BAKE SALE”

“But the sale isn’t until May,” the president said.



What an April Fool! On April 2nd I had to run around in the brrrrrrrr wind and pull them up!

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4 thoughts on “April Fools on Me

  1. Kristen (@kkilpatrick7)

    At least you were a month early and not a month late.:) Good luck with it next mnh

  2. Oh my, this is not news to me. I feel like I make these mistakes all the time. Very amusing story 🙂

  3. Ut-oh what a good worker you are though! I am sure all will be appreciated next month. Meanwhile you got a wonderful, amusing story to share! 🙂

  4. At least it will be warmer when you put up the signs next time. This made me laugh because once I showed up for the book sale a month early. I had only focused on the numerals not the month.

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