Boston Marathon 2013

I lived along the marathon route during my teens and twenties, when the runners numbered under 500! We would walk up the corner of Speen and 135 and hand out water cups and clap for the men as they ran past. One of those years, a woman decided to join the group. She ran without a number, as women were unable to qualify. Here’s her story.

Today we made a pilgrimage to the same area where we used to watch the runners. We arrived in time for the wheelchair participants to start rolling up a small incline on 135. Here’s the inspiration for me. These men and women surmounted tremendous physical challenges to demonstrate to themselves, and the world that anything is possible. Watch a young women power up a hill with her arms bulging… Hear a man dance along, tap tap tap, with two prostheses …. a sight impaired runner and his guide put one foot in front of another and plod the miles. Blink back the tears as the mother pushes her 18 year old daughter up the hill.

Just amazing.

Post script

What a horrible end to the Marathon. Injuries and deaths hang a pall over what was a celebration of spirit and determination. My thoughts and prayers are with the injured and the families of all of those waiting to hear, waiting to find their loved ones in the medical care facilities, and all the locked down businesses in Boston. God bless.


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