Boston Marathon 2

gloves-1700-by-ericbaylinWhat heartache and sadness we see over and over as the injured are removed from the site. The very same woman who doggedly pushed her daughter up the hill, is on the screen before my eyes running through the finish line with two friends just as the blast occurs in the background. Her startled expression expresses the same surprise and astonishment of all those around her as they struggle to make sense of the noise and smoke.
Today I received a message from the Courage And Renewal Center with an invitation to reflect on an image. Here is the accompanying text:

“At Courage & Renewal, we use “third things” — images, stories, poems, music, objects — as metaphors for reflection. At a recent retreat in New York facilitated by Eric Baylin and Ann Myers, this display of gloves became an impromptu third thing about community.

Come with us on a mini-retreat for a moment. Print out this image, or zoom in on it here. Write about it, if you’d like. Then share the photo with someone and have a conversation.

What do you see in this photograph?
What do these work gloves say to you about your life today, where you are or where you’d like to be?
Where does your life fit like a glove? Where does it not?
Share your reflections at Facebook or our blog! And send us your photos that evoke a courage and renewal moment. ”

I’ll save my reflection for tomorrow and let you form your own thoughts about this picture.

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