And good morning to you, too!

I will tell you this about my driving.
I always use my rear view mirrors.
I never actually look at the drivers in my mirror, just the cars.
This is a little detour, but I will tell you that I have learned Not to look at drivers because many drivers are men. Men have a very bad habit of excavating a facial cavity while they are waiting at stop lights. Yuck!
So, if you are waving at me from your car, I won’t see you!And if you are practicing that yucky habit, I will not know.

I am usually a calm person. Really.
I am usually a calm driver. Really!
Sometimes I am not.
Sometimes I just need to vent. Deep inside I am a Boston driver. And sometimes I just enjoy having a tantrum. A hissy fit. An arm waving, hand shaking, loud yelling, occasional bad word mouthing tantrum. In the car. By myself. Nothing personal. If you are the driver in front of me and I am having a tantrum, I still like you. I just need to vent.
And it’s nobody’s business. Not even yours. I don’t honk. I just have a little yell in my own private space.
This morning the driver in front of me was just poking and poking. Enough so that a huge 18 wheeler could pull out in front of us. Enough so I just made it through the light. So I vented. I waved my hands and made unhappy faces. Nothing personal, just venting.
The driver must have noticed. Suddenly he opened his window, put out his arm and flipped me the bird for a few blocks.
I was offended! I have no grudge against him, but he made it public.
I’m still offended .
Maybe I need to listen to more classical music.

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2 thoughts on “And good morning to you, too!

  1. This did not go quite where i expected it to. It was a close-up and personal moment. You told it well. I like your short staccato sentences.

  2. I just don’t know why that gesture seems to satisfy some people. I do talk to the idiots who are driving me crazy, but fortunately they can’t hear me. So vent away!

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