Fuzzy Bar Harbor

Last week we headed to Bar Harbor. We’ve always wanted to visit Acadia and this was our trip! Made our reservations in January and looked forward to it all spring.
Augusta was a little beyond halfway and we meandered toward the capital by way of a farmers market and Stonewall Kitchen snacks on a warm sunny day. Augusta was a bit of a disappointment so we set off early Sunday for the coast.
I could feel a little cough coming on and popped a few zinc tabs. Our inn was quaint and comfy. We headed for a drive through the park. Acadia is absolutely amazing. Panoramic views of the coast and the surrounding fields and mountains rise at every turn.
We loved the lobster sliders, the yummy ice cream and the blueberry pancakes. But on Tuesday morning husband was ready to pack up due to my persistent and annoying cough. I vetoed it, and stuck it out for the next two days. We hiked Jordan pond, walked uptown and downtown and my husband made it to the top of Cadillac while I waited part ways on a sunny ledge.
No longer will my HCP give me a scrip over the phone, even when one gets touchy with the staff. If so, I might have gotten out of bed a little sooner and avoided the touch of pneumonia that still is hanging on! Try over the counter. seriously!
Bar Harbor , you were great fun, I think. My memories may be a little fuzzy!

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