It’s only my opinion

One year we had an issue in the boys room. One young man purposefully created a disturbance by leaving evidence outside the urinal. You got it, right?

Clyde and I discussed the problem and I invited him to let me know as soon as he noticed the behavior. He called one morning soon after the morning bell with the news. I called to the office any boy who had been to the boys room that morning and at least twelve squeezed into my tiny office, the older boys peering in from the hallway. 

“Someone is not being careful in the boys room when he is using the urinal. (Got to be specific with little kids!) The custodian needs to spend extra time cleaning with bleach any time this happens, so it’s unfair to him and the other boys. Ill be checking your names and keeping track of this, If I see you again.”

One of the first graders in the front row raised his little hand, bouncing on his toes,

“Mrs. G, Mrs. G!! It wasn’t me and I always aim!” He chirped.

It took every ounce of will power to look him straight in the eye without a smile and say,

“Thank you for that, James. I hope everyone does.”

When they all tumbled out into the hallway the admin assistant came Out from under her desk, her face red from laughing, tears leaking from eyes.

“How did you ever keep a straight face?” She asked.


just a few short Words on the subject of public bathrooms. Two sons, one husband later, and 1000 little boys formed an opinion that guys are not bothered by spotty toilets. You know what I mean.

Yuck. I once said to my boys, in charge of cleaning their bathroom, “I would rather run to the woods in an emergency than use this bathroom.” Yuck.

And how many times have I been waiting to use the public ladies room (in a line, of course) and seen so many guys leaving the bathrooms without any signs of hand washing. Yuck.

And, yes, some women are messy too.

But….. That being said…..I still would prefer to use a bathroom that was clean. So whatever bathrooms we have,  I only ask that users be responsible and kind to the next person in line.

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