It’s 90 But Freezing Blueberries

Back to blueberries. How to save those yummy berries for later on. Whether you buy them when they are in season and priced well, or pick them yourself it’s easy to keep them on hand for snacking or baking if you have some room in your freezer.

First I wash them – about 2- 3 cups at a time. I swish them around gently to loosen the stems and any leaves etc. that might be mixed in. As I remove them by handfuls, I pick out the stems and place the berries in a colander. I generally do this twice with hand picked, but once should work with store berries.  

   After the cleaned berries drain in the colander , I roll them onto an old clean dish towel that I have placed on a rimmed cookie sheet. I let them get good and dry there. This is the time when I  usually decrease the berry total by a bit by munching on them!

Meanwhile I clean out a nice flat space in the freezer that will fit the cookie sheet. After they look pretty dry, I gently pour them from the towel onto the cookie sheet and slide it into the freezer. It will not take more than a few hours to quick freeze the berries. Careful here, as a blueberry disaster can occur quickly and it’s no fun to scoop all those berries up from the floor!

  When the berries are frozen, scoop them into your freezer bag. 
  Squeeze as much air as you can out of the bag and return it quickly to the freezer. Your berries will not mush when defrosted, nor clump together in a big blueberry brick!

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